Wandboard Dual (i.MX6)

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 Cortex-A9 NXP i.MX6 Dual Lite
1GHz-1Gb  DDR3 HDMI,Camera
Wifi IEEE 802.11ac, BLE 4.1
Wandboard RELOADED (and better!)
Wandboard Dual (i.MX6)
Wandboard Dual NEW REVISION with updated WiFi and Power management IC
- Updated WiFi to 802.11ac
  + Bluetooth 4.1BLE (BCM4339).

 -Added a Power Management IC


- NXP i.MX6 Dual Lite 1GHz

– Memory 1Gb DDR3.
The Wandboard is a low cost board based on the i.MX6 multicore ARM Cortex-A9 family of processors. In consists of a core module based on the EDM standard and a simple to extend baseboard.

"The Wandboard has been around for the 4.5 years (or 32 dog-years). All this time we have been truth to our commitments and launched continuous updates and bring new operation systems to human's best friend. It all started with Android Icecream Sandwich (never public release and only used by the Wandboard Team). Jellybean added it's full colors to Wandboard. Kitkat chocolate melted our hearts. Lollipop sucked some extra juice out of our beloved i.MX6 SoC and Marshmallow showed the Wandboard was flexible to last 5 Android generations. "

Core System

ProcessorNXP i.MX6 DualLite
Processor Speed1 Ghz
ArchitectureARM Cortex-A9
Memory1GB DDR3
StorageMicroSD Cardslot
Board-to-Board ConnectorEDM connector (314-pin MXM3)
System on ModuleEDM SOM
Debug InterfaceJTAG Interface by Through-hole
UART Interface by Through-hole


Network LAN1x Atheros AR8035 Gigabit LAN
WiFi1x Broadcom BCM4339 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth1x Broadcom BCM4339 BT 4.1 (BR+EDR+BLE)
Antennau.FL connector

Internal Headers

Internal DisplayMIPI DSI signals on 33-pin FPC connector
Expansion HeadersGPIO

External Connectors

External Display1x HDMI
Audio Connectors1x 3.5mm jack Microphone
1x 3.5mm jack Stereo Audio in
1x 3.5mm jack Stereo Audio out
S/PDIF (optical)
Network1x RJ45
USB1x USB 2.0 Host
1x USB 2.0 OTG
Serial1x RS-232
SD Cardslot1x microSD cardslot


Graphic EngineVivante GC320 (2D Composition)
Vivante GC880 (Solo/DualLite)
Video Decode1080p30 + D1 (Solo/DualLite)
Video EncodeBP/Dual 720p
CameraMIPI CSI (2 lanes)


Audio CodecNXP SGTL5000

Power Specifications

Power Input5V DC +/-5%
Power Connector5.5/2.1mm barrel jack
Power ConsumptionDepending on Configuration

Operation Systems

Standard SupportLinux

Environmental and Mechanical

Dimensions95 x 95 mm
Weight100 grams
TemperatureCommercial: 0° to +50° C
Relative Humidity10 to 90 %
CertificationCompliant with CE / FCC / RoHS / REACH directives

Documentation and materials


Date : 8 February 2013
Wandboard Quick Start Guide 
 Wandboard SOLO/DUAL REV A1. User Guide + Schematics 
 Wandboard QUAD REV B1 Userguide + Schematics 
 Wandboard CPU MOdule REV C1 Schematics 
 Wandboard Baseboard REV C1 Schematics 
 Wandboard Enclosure Assembling Guide
pdfWandboard and enclosure 2D and 3D files
Date : 8 February 2013
Wandboard 2D files 
Wandboard Solo/DL 3D files
Wandboard Quad + Heatsink 3D files 
Enclosure 3D files

Operating system SD card images


pdfAndroid Lollipop SD card images
Date : 5 November 2015
WB All: Android 5.0.2 GA Release (with AP mode)
WB All: Android 5.0 GA Release
Android 5.0 GA Release source code
WB All: Android 5.0 Alpha
Android 5.0 Alpha source code
pdfAndroid Kitkat SD card images
Date : 03 March 2015
WB All: Android 4.4
Android 4.4 source code
Android build virtual machine
trusty 14.04LTSUbuntu 14.04 SD card images
Date : 11 May 2015
WB All: Ubuntu 14.04 armhf
(login with ubuntu/ubuntu)
pdfUbuntu 12.04 SD card images
Date : 13 February 2015
WB Q/DL: Ubuntu 12.04.3 armel
WB All (not rev C1): Ubuntu 12.04.2 armel
pdfYocto SD card image
Date : 09 February 2015
WB All: Yocto 1.5 armhf
WB All: Yocto 1.5 armhf with Qt5
pdfAndroid Jellybean SD card images
Date : 02 March 2015
WB All: Android 4.3
Android 4.3 source code
Android build virtual machine


Operating systems from the community

These are unsupported software images, gathered all around the world wide web.


pngOpen SUSE SD card images
Date : 8 July 2015
WB All: Open SUSE 12.3 Darthmouth  (login with root/linux, install packages with yast)
WB All: Open SUSE 13.2 Harlequin  (login with root/linux, install packages with yast)
pngKodi/XBMC SD card images
Date : 18 May 2015
WB All: Geexbox XBMC/Kodi 20150518 snapshot 
(if needed, login with root/root)
This image has the screen blanking bug fixed.
pngFedora SD card images
Date : 20 May 2015
WB All: Fedora 22 
(login with root/wandboard22)
pngUbuntu (Canonical) SD card images
Date : 6 November 2015
WB All: Ubuntu 15.04
WB All: Ubuntu 15.10 
(login with wandboard/wandboard or root/root)
pngOpenMandriva LX SD card images
Date : 3 June 2015
WB All: OpenMandriva LX 2015 
(login with ovm/ovm or root/root, install packages with urpmi)
pngArchlinux SD card images
Date : 9 June 2015
WB All: Arch Linux 
(login with root/root, install packages with pacman)
pngFree BSD SD card images
Date : 16 June 2015
WB Quad: Free BSD 11.0 
(login with root)
pngOpen WRT SD card images
Date : 15 July 2015
WB All: OpenWRT 14.07 
(login with root/root)
pngDebian SD card images
Date : 18 August 2015
WB All: Debian 8 Jessie 
(login with debian/temppwd, start UI with startx)

For developers


Linux kernel git: https://www.github.com/wandboard-org/linux
(Don't forget to select branch)


Basic board support package (bootloader+kernel source code, documentation, firmware etc)

For Android source code:
# cd ~
# mkdir myandroid
# cd myandroid
# curl http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/git-repo-downloads/repo > ./repo
# chmod a+x ./repo 
# ./repo init -u git://www.wandboard.org/android/manifest.git -m default.xml
# ./repo sync -j4

one Wandboard card
Optional accessory
-Plastic enclosure

Available Options:

Wandboard Enclosure:

100€ ex. VAT

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