MSB-RS232 Analyzer

349€ ex. VAT

A PC connectable RS232 Communication Analyzer 

Automatically discovers baudrate, parity, stop bits !
decoding ModBus, Profibus, BACnet  and more...
MSB-RS232 Analyzer
Dive into RS232
 The MSB-RS232 Analyzer is an essential tool for analysis and optimizing of RS232 connections. As an autonomous device it gathers exact information about every line change with micro second precision, independent from the PC and its operating system.
 Equipped with a multitude of visualization tools it allows a detailed view into every RS232 communication and detects conditions which can be recorded by a true 'hardware solution' only.
Why use an analyzer?
 What a pure software solution cannot provide: Examine the exact timing relationships and sequences of all data and level changes, with the help of:
  • OS independent time stamps for all events (resolution 1us)
  • Scopelike logic signal view of all lines (also RXD, TXD), internal sample rate up to 16 MHz
  • Measure and Set ANY baudrate from 1 Baud to 1 MBaud
  • Automatic protocol scanner for baudrate, databits and parity
Easy to use
 Just insert the analyzer into any RS232 wire and connect it via USB with your computer.

Features & Benefits
 The MSB-RS232 analyzer offers all necessary features for an effective examination of RS232 connections. In particular for debugging, recording, tests and 'reverse engineering' :
  • Virtual breakout box : Building your own adaptors when uncommon lines are used. Invert signals if necessary, switch line levels — or intercept and manipulate data.
  • Pattern search with regular expressions : Makes the search for any data sequences possible with wild card characters and time distances or pausesbetween data strings.
  • Integrated LevelFinder : Finds any static level, level change or error condition.Combined with the search of defined data bytes it is a precious tool to analyzehardware protocols.
  • Integrated Lua script language : To define, visualize, compute (check sum test) and convert the recorded data.
  • MultiViewconcept : Simultaneous analysis of the recorded data at different positionswith multiple tool windows. That’s a very powerful help to compare the transferred data with their logical signal level or to compare different sections of the data stream.
  • Copy And Paste : Simple copying of recorded protocol or data sequences into other applications for further evaluation or documentation purposes.
  • Data export as CSV: For further evaluation of the logged data in Microsoft Excel or other spread sheet programs. That makes the full toolset of these programs available for statistic examination, sorting and other computations.
  • Direct display of the data stream by green Leds : Additional indication of the data flow, quick check for a correct data connection.
  • Future-proof by modern FPGA technology : Integrated state of the art gate array technology allows permanent advancements and adaption to different applications. The updating is done simply at start of the software.
  • Logic mode : Every RS232 input can be switched to a logic input with a trigger level of 1.3V at 5kOhm to sample logic signals which are not _RS232 compatible_.
  • Internal memory of 512 kByte : USB transfer buffer of 512 kB for measurement data to avoid data losses while recording at high baudrates.
  • Multi-Platform Support : The MSB-RS232 software is delivered as ’native binary’ for Microsoft Windows and Linux. No emulation, no additional libraries, no installation of .NET or Java .
  • Multi-Language Support : German and English language support. The selection is done automatically according to the used operating system, but can be changed manually.
  • Multi-Process Architectur : The splitting of different functions into different programs or processes guarantees high data security while recording and provides a better adaption to the system resources and CPU load time.
  • Compact housing with USB connector : No additional power supply necessary. Mobile operation even with laptop.
  «Max. 16MHz sampling cares for clear details and µsec precise time stamps»

 MSB-RS232  Datasheet 

 MSB-RS232 User Manual

Windows 2000, XP, 7, Vista   msb-4.6.3-windows-installer.exe
 Linux   32 bit                   
 Linux   64 bit                  

The drivers are included in the installation.
- one MSB-RS232 Analyser
- one USB cable
- one CD-ROM with Analyser Software and Drivers, and manuals

Available Options:

Adapter DB9F-DB25M

DB9 female screw terminal

Gender changer DB9

RS232 Switch Option
Switchoption - expands the MSB-RS232 analyzer with interactive switch and wiring capabilities. Additional input of data in any line. Also parity and framing error simulation.

W232 Cable
W232: the Continuity cable
This cable connects permanently "computer" and "terminal", so that the MSB-RS232 can be removed / inserted without opening the communication link

349€ ex. VAT


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