MSB-RS485-PLUS Analyzer

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PC connectable RS422/RS485 Communication Analyser
Discovers Baud rate, parity, stop bits automatically
decoding ModBus, Profibus, BACnet and other...
MSB-RS485-PLUS Analyzer
  • Supports RS-422 and RS485
  • 200 MHz sampling rate
  • 10 nS resolution
  • Decodes 3964(R), Modbus, Profibus, DNP3, IEC60 and more ...
  • Asynchronous baud rates from 1 to 20 Mbaud
  • 5 to 9 bits data words
  • Script programming

RS422/485 Field-Bus Protocol Analyzer

Equipped with a multitude of visualization tools the analyzer allows a detailed view of every transmission layer in a RS422/485 communication. It detects errors coming from incorrect data formats, invalid timings, erroneous byte or telegram spacings or wrong telegram contents and/or checksums.

With its ability for interactive real-time analysis it is the recommended tool in developing protocols, troubleshooting, protocol adaption and education/training (protocol functioning).

Special features

  • 200 MHz sampling rate
  • PC independent time resolution of 10 nanoseconds for very fast transmissions and time critical protocols.
  • Highly versatile in use by ready-made protocol templates for 3964(R), Modbus, Profibus, DNP3, IEC60870 and many more...
  • Analysis of individual and proprietary protocols by own protocol templates.
  • OSI layer-based visualization of the signal levels (tri-state), raw data and telegrams
  • Two independent working decoding units to analyse two busses with different transmission characteristics.
  • Asynchronous transmissions with any baud rates from 1...20 MBaud and 5-9 bit data words.
  • Multiple connection modes allow the complete logging of all bus activities as well as the purposeful recording of data sent from selected bus participants.
  • Scriptable by interlinking command line tools (e.g. long time records and special event triggering).
  • Prepared for synchronous transmissions (CAN bus, Manchester Coding)


Bus SystemsRecording and analysis of asynchronous and synchronous (in preparation) bus systems
Baud RatesAny baud rate between 1...20MBps.
Asynchronous Data Format5...9 Data bits, none, even, odd, mark, space parity, any stop bits
Synchronous Data FormatIn preparation, will be enabled by a future software update
Logical LinestatesDetection and display of logical linestates:
1 (V+), 0 (V-), invalid (-1.3V < IN < +1.3V
Time resolution10 nanoseconds for all line change events (hardware based, OS independent)
Data Direction DetectionDetection of data direction also with half-duplex (2-wire) systems, bus splitting for separate watching of certain bus participants
MSB-RS485 Connectivity
Signal inputRS485 standard level, ±7V to ±12V, ESD protected inputs 5kΩ
Bus connectors2 Phoenix MC 1.5/6ST-3.5 with 2mm screw terminals, 6 pins each, type Phoenix MC156ST35. All connectors are linked through high speed and via software switchable RS485 buffers
Bus termination120Ω bus termination individual switchable via software
Auxiliary IOsTwo additional terminals individual switchable as input (0-5V, trigger level 1.65V, 10kΩ pull up or down) or output (0/5V, ca. 50mA)
Device-PCPower supply and data connection via USB 2.0 high speed, standard USB cable included
PrincipleThe analyzer marks every event (data byte, signal alternation) with a time stamp in 1µs resolution (independent of the PC) and send the information via USB to the connected PC
FeaturingReal time analysing and simultaneous access/display of different record parts even during an active recording
Capacity4GByte max. record file size on PC for real time analysing. Unlimited (or free hard disk space) records when using the special command line API for long time recordings
Record timeThe record time depends on the selected kind of events and data rate of the connection
Ready-to-use3964(R), BACNet, DF1, DNP3, IEC60870, MDB, Modbus (ASCII + RTU), Profibus, SAE-J1587, SAE-J1922, SRecord, USS, 9-Bit.
Individual protocolsAdaption of any protocol and telegram display with own protocol templates written in Lua
Size:100 x 60 x 28mm


Package Contents

  • 1 x MSB-RS485-PLUS Analyzer

  • 1 x USB cable 2m for connection with PC

  • 2 x 6-pin Phoenix screw connectors (MC156ST381) WITHOUT housing

  • 1 x Suitable screw driver

  • 1 x CDROM with Software (Windows + Linux), 300-page manual (PDF), drivers and additional tools

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