LE-150PR Analyzer/Data Logger

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RS232-RS422/RS485 ASYNC connectable Analyzer, and standalone data logger

Use with  a  PC (power by  USB)
or without  PC ( power adapter needed, available as option)

LE-150PR Analyzer/Data Logger
Asynchroneous RS232 or RS422/RS485 Analyzer
  • Analyses and Sends data
  • up do 500 Kbps
  • Time Stamping of message
  • Trigger for Qualification/action
  • Standalone datalogging with SD storage
LE-150PR  from LineEye is a lightweight communication protocol analyzer has a Data Logger function to record data in the SD card for long hours. It is an entry model designed for Asynch communication with excellent cost-performance.


Two Types of Operations Based on Usage Situation:


This device can be used as a PC-connectable Protocol Analyzer for use in the lab (Remote mode), and also as a PC-less Data Logger for use an on-site tests to record data for long hours (Logger mode)

Supports RS-232C/RS-422/RS-485 (Standard Feature)
Supports TTL level communication with an option.
Support Async PPP communication.
Long Hour Recording
Measures at Arbitrary Speed.
Easy-to Operate Simulation Function
Schedule Measurement by build-in RTC
Seamless Access to Communication Log Files
Protects Important Data from Corruption due to Power Failure
Small and Robust Housing Suitable for Severe Field Environments

InterfaceStandard: RS-232C /RS-422 /RS-485   Optional: TTL(Model: “OP-5M”)
Measurement ConnecterDSUB 25pin, Female connecter (M2.6) 
Baud Rate50bps-500Kbps (arbitrary)
Data FormatNRZ
Data CodeASCII, EBCDIC, JIS7, JIS8, Baudot, Transcode, IPARS, EBCD, EBCDIK, HEX
Bit transmission order, PolarityOrder: LSB first/ MSB first (switchable), Polarity: Normal/ Invert (switchable)
Error CheckParity(ODD, EVEN, MARK, SPACE), Framing, Break, Abort (LE-200PS only), Short frame (LE-200PS only), BCC(LRC, CRC-6, CRC-12, CRC-16, CRC-ITU-T, FCS-16(LE-200PS only), FCS-32(LE-200PS only). BCC permeation mode
MemoryPC:Max. 8G byte on the HDD, PC-less: capacity of the SD card (specify the file size at 128K /1M /2M /4M /8M byte)
Recording TypeRing Buffer (continuous) mode, Fixed Buffer (full stop) mode
ModeRemote mode(with PC), Data Logger mode (PC less)
Measurement start/stopControl from PC, Start/Stop switch, Auto-Power run, Specify date and time.
Idle TimeOFF(no-record); Resolution: 100ms, 10ms, 1ms; Max. 999. 9s
Time StampOFF (no record); Date time stamp: “Day/Hr/Min”, “Hr/Min/Sec” or “Min/Sec/10ms”
Line Status MeasurementRecord signals (RS(RTS), CS(CTS), ER(DTR), DR(DSR), CD(DCD), CI(RI), EXIN) with transmission/reception data. Waveform display (RS-232C only)
Protocol translation display on PCPPP
TriggerConditionCommunication error, data string up to 8 characters (don’t care and bit mask available), idle time more than the specified duration, matched timer/counter value, logic status of interface signal line, external signal.
ActionStop measurement (offset can be set), validate/invalidate trigger condition, control timer/counter, send specified data string, send external signal, turn on/ off the light of user defined LED
Retrieval function on PCCommunication error, data string up to 8 characters (don’t care and bit mask available), idle time more than the specified duration, time stamp (don’t care available), trigger-matched data.
SimulationTransmit data registered in 16 data tables (16K byte) with one pressing a key. 
DTE/DCE mode selectable. Pre-set the timing of line/data. Insert parity error. 
ConversionConvert data into Text or CSV format and save.
LED4 of two-color LED: Power/ Error, Test/Record, SD/RD, User defined U1/U2
SwitchOne: Run / STOP
External TriggerInput: 1, Output: 2. 2.54mm pin header connector
SD Card 2-16G byte*1
USB 2.0 PortMini-B connector High speed supported
Wi-Fi interface*2IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency range: 2400MHz-2483.5MHz
Transmission power: +20dBm(802.11b), +17dBm(802.11g), +14dBm(802.11n)
Power*4Remote mode: USB bus power
Remote mode with Wi-Fi / Logger mode: External DC power (DC7-34V), AC adapter (6A-181WP09).
Power consumption: 1.8W (0.8W when Wi-Fi is OFF, Max.2.2W for about 10sec after turning on).
0.15W/DC24V when turning off.
Work time during Power failure 1sec
Ambient Temperature,
In operation:-10-+55°C In storage: -20-+60°C 5 - 85%RH (No condensation)
StandardCE (Class A)
Dimension, mass86(W)×130(D)×30(H) mm approx. 230g
Environment of PCOS: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10  PC: PC/AT compatible
AccessoriesPC software, Mini-USB cable, DSUB 25pin monitor cable, external signal I/O cable, 8G byte SDHC card*2
Delivery :

- LE-150PR Communication Analyser
- CD-ROM with Software, Drivers and Documentation
-  'T' Cable  with three DB25 ends
- 1 year warranty

Available Options:

AC Adapter
AC Adapter for LE-150PS and LE-200PS

Monitor Cable for DSUB 9-Pin
Monitor Cable for DSUB 9-Pin

Pod TTL probe
With an optional TTL probe pod (OP-5M), it can monitor TTL-level communication at 2.5V/ 3.3V/ 5V. It is useful such as when measuring TTL signals on an UART port of PCB and communication units.  (no simulation possible )

Screw Terminal Block

1043€ ex. VAT

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