ISO485-BOX isolated RS422/485 interface

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Isolated USB to RS422/485 Converter
Isolating, Flexible and Safe
ISO485-BOX isolated RS422/485 interface

■ Various adaptions to all bus working modes
■ High isolation capacity
■ Switchable termination and rest level bias resistors
■ Data rate up to 3Mbps, additional attenuation settable
■ Support of non-standard bit rates
■ Status display with multi-color LED
■ 5V auxiliary output
■ Rugged housing with pluggable screw terminals
■ Made in Germany, Three years warranty
■ Includes the CleverTerm terminal program and Lua scripting software
The universal isolating converter

Ready for your application
The IFTOOLS ISO485-Box USB to RS422/RS485 converter has a variety of adjustment possibilities available to meet all requirements of your field-bus application. All the working modes and termination resistors can be easily set through lateral slide switches.

Robust and reliable
By its high isolating strength it is especially recommended for critical environments with potential shift and decouples the controlling components from the system bus. A robust housing and pluggable screw terminals complement the converter's universal operational capability.

The display of the device status and of the fieldbus communication is indicated with one single multi-color LED. Transferred data are displayed extended so that even a single data byte at high data rate can be clearly identified.

Includes terminal program
CleverTerm CleverTerm is a free terminal program for the serial communication and provides everything you need to contact a field-bus device through the ISO485-Box. CleverTerm supports baud rates in the range from 300 to 1Mbps, even non-standardized. Also 1.5Mbps, 2Mbps and 3Mbps. It is expandable by own send dialogs and offers an Modbus ASCII / RTU master request simulation.

Run it on your favorite OS - It's your choice! Supports Windows and Linux

Prêt pour votre application
Le convertisseur ISO485-BOX d’IFTOOLS d’USB vers RS422/485 possède une variété de réglages possibles pour répondre à tous les besoin de votre bus de terrain.  Tous les modes de fonctionnement et résistances de terminaison peuvent être configurés par des petits commutateurs latéraux.
Robuste et fiable
De part sa capacité d’isolation élevée, il est spécialement recommandé  pour les environnements critiques avec différence de potentiel  et découple les composants de contrôle du bus système.
L’affichage de l’état du convertisseur et de la communication est indiqué par une LED multicolore. Les données transférées sont indiquées de façon évoluée pour permettre à un simple octet envoyé  à haut debit d’être identifié.
Inclut le programme de terminal  CleverTerm
CleverTerm est un programme de terminal gratuit destiné à la communication série fournissant tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour contacter un équipement sur le bus de terrain via le ISO485-BOX. CleverTerm supporte des vitesses de 300 à 1Mbps, et au-delà en valeurs non standardisées. Egalement 1.5 Mbps, 2Mbps et 3 Mbps. Il est extensible grâce à des fonctions de dialogue  propres et offre une simulation de requêtes de maitre en ModBus ASCII /RTU.
RS422/485 Side
Data rates300...1 Mbps, also non-standard rates. Additional higher rates of 1.5 Mbps, 2 Mbps and 3 Mbps.
Data format7 or 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits, None, Odd, Even, Mark or Space parity.
HandshakeFeed back of the signals RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR in input and output for protocol simulation.
SignalsTxD, RxD according to RS485 standard, ±15kV ESD, ±5V difference voltage.
Connector6pin plug connector with screw terminals. Type Phoenix MC156ST381.
Auxiliary voltageAuxiliary secondary voltage output 5V/200mA to supply external devices or special bus terminations. Short-circuit proof, connected to the RS485 supply.
ConnectorUSB: USB Type B socket for PC connection and power supply.
CompatibilityCompatible to USB 1.1/2.0. Absolutely functional with all USB-Interfaces of old and new PCs.
Special features
Selectable modesEasy selectable operation modes (RS422/RS485 mode, full/half duplex bus, echo on/off, including termination and bias resistors) via external switches.
Status displayDisplay of the device status and fieldbus communication with one single multi-color LED. Extended display of transferred data to indicate even a single data byte at high data rate.
IsolationIsolation strength 2kVdc 1 second.
ChipsetFTDI FT232R: Additional functions for high transmission safety, internal data buffer of 384 bytes (input 128 bytes, output 256 bytes). USB serial number for individual COM port assignment.
Supported OS & Drivers
WindowsWindows 10, 8/8.1, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, (32 and 64 bit, all with Microsoft certified driver).
LinuxKernel 2.4.x or higher, needed driver (ftdi_sio module) is part of all newer kernels.
  ISO485-BOX datasheet

Free Utility Software For serial port testing:
- CleverTerm
- Luactb
USB to RS422/485 converter ISO485-BOX
USB connection cable about 1.8 m
Phoenix 6 pin connector with screw terminals
Miniature screw driver
USB Stick with drivers (Windows), terminal program, CleverTerm and other tools
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