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All necessary RS422/485 tools in one easy to handle case:
Analyzer and accessories

All necessary RS422/485 tools in one easy to handle case, including:
MSB-RS485 Analyzer, USB cable, isolated USB to RS485 converter to submit data, 4x Phoenix screw connectors with screw driver, 8x terminal resistors 120 Ohm and short wires
Don't miss anything when you are going to analyse RS422/485 connections!
All necessary tools in a small case and with a special price!
  • MSB-RS485 serial analyzer set
  • Isolated USB to RS422/485 converter
  • CDROM with software and special tool
  • Two MSB-RS485 connection kits

The perfect tool collection when analyzing RS422/485 field-bus applications.

Simulating telegrams or sending data sequences with the help of the USB to RS422/485 converter and the enclosed CleverTerm field-bus terminal program.
Validating the correctness of requests or responses with the MSB-RS485 analyzer and detecting possible sources of errors.

MSB-RS485 Analyzer
The sophisticated MSB-RS485 analyzer not only samples all data, signals
and bus-states of two half-duplex or one full-duplex connections with
microsecond precision. With the help of its unique segment mode it can
also act as an interface between two bus sections and detects the
telegram sender or direction independent of the protocol

ISO485 Converter
The ISO485 converter is equally appropriate for RS485 and RS422 bus
systems and provides high protection by its isolating features.
Working on a RS485 bi-directional bus system the converter activates the
bus when sending data and releases it again afterwards. This is handled
completely transparent and automatic by the converter.

MSB-RS485 Features and Benefits

  • Framing, Parity, Break Detection : Direct analysis of error conditions and the reactions of end devices thereon.
  • Pattern search with regular expressions : Makes the search for any data sequences possible with wild card characters and time distances or pauses between data strings.
  • Integrated LevelFinder : Finds any static level, level change or error condition. Combined with the search of defined data bytes it is a precious tool to analyzehardware protocols.
  • Integrated Lua script language : To define, visualize, compute (check sum test) and convert the recorded data.
  • MultiViewconcept : Simultaneous analysis of the recorded data at different positions with multiple tool windows. That’s a very powerful help to compare the transferred data with their logical signal level or to compare different sections of the data stream.
  • Copy And Paste : Simple copying of recorded protocol or data sequences into other applications for further evaluation or documentation purposes.
  • Data export as CSV: For further evaluation of the logged data in Microsoft Excel or other spread sheet programs. That makes the full toolset of these programs available for statistic examination, sorting and other computations.
  • Direct display of the data stream by green Leds : Additional indication of the data flow, quick check for a correct data connection.
  • Future-proof by modern FPGA technology : Integrated state of the art gate array technology allows permanent advancements and adaption to different applications. The updating is done simply at start of the software.
  • Internal memory of 512 kByte : USB transfer buffer of 512 kB for measurement data to avoid data losses while recording at high baudrates.
  • Multi-Platform Support : The MSB-RS485 software is delivered as ’native binary’ for Microsoft Windows and Linux. No emulation, no additional libraries, no installation of .NETR or JavaR .
  • Multi-Language Support : German and English language support. The selection is done automatically according to the used operating system, but can be changed manually.
  • Multi-Process Architectur : The splitting of different functions into different programs or processes guarantees high data security while recording and provides a better adaption to the system resources and CPU load time.
  • Compact housing with USB connector : No additional power supply necessary. Mobile operation even with laptop.
ISO-485 Converter 

Data rates Standard baud rates 300 to 460800 Baud, unusual baud rates via 'aliasing' and programable divisor (e.g. operate at 512 kBaud by selecting 115200 Baud in your program application).
Possible non-standard rates are calculated as: 3000000 / (n + ( 0.125 * m ) ) where n = 2...16384, m = 0...7.
 High isolating strength 2.5kV rms 1 min, 420V pk working voltage.
Feed back of the signals RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR in input and output for protocol simulation
Provides 5, 6, 7 or 8 Data Bits, 1 or 2 Stop Bits and Odd/Even/Mark/Space/No Parity.
RS422/485 Signals
TxD, RxD according to the RS485 Standard, ±15kV ESD.
FTDI FT232RL: Additional functions for high transmission safety, internal data buffer 384 bytes in both Directions
Driver Access
Clean working software with generation of virtual com-ports and/or USB direct drivers for own applications.
Windows: Accessing via COMx, Linux: Device access via /dev/ttyUSBx.
Supported OS
Microsoft Windows: Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 (Microsoft certified driver).
Linux: Kernel 2.4.x or higher, needed driver (ftdi_sio module) is part of all newer kernels.
USB: USB cable about 1m length with PC compatible type A connection jack and integrated inductance.
RS422/485: Standard DSub9 Male Connector with undetachable UNC screw nuts.
USB compatibility Compatible to USB 1.1/2.0. Absolutely functionable with all USB-Interfaces of old and new PCs.
Scope of delivery
USB to RS422/485 Converter Cable (1m), 9 pin DSub jack with housing for soldering connection of the external
bus systems, wire jumpers to select the operating modes. CDROM with drivers (Windows),
Terminal program software wxTerminal.

Case without cable [mm]: 36 x 17 x 63 (Width, Height, Length). Minimal cable seat: 18mm

Plastic case
Material The case consists of strong and cold resistent Polypropylene
(PP), one of the environmently friendliest plastics.
Locks & Hinges Two functional clasp prevent your case opening inopportunely
and sturdy hinges ensure high stability
Dimension & weight 255 x 210 x 48 mm (B x H x D), weight about 640g with content
PDF RS485-Service Kit  Datasheet

 MSB-RS485 User Manual

Windows 2000, XP, 7, Vista   msb-4.6.3-windows-installer.exe
 Linux   32 bit                   
 Linux   64 bit                  

The drivers are included in the installation.
MSB-RS485 serial analyzer set
  • MSB-RS485 hardware box
  • USB cable to connect the analyzer with PC
  • Unique segment mode and sophisticated Protocol analysis.
  • Lifelong software updates

Isolated USB to RS422/485 converter
  • Converter with high isolating strength and automatic send activation
  • Data rate above 460800 Baud, provides non-standard baud rates
  • Externally selectable operating modes (full and half-duplex)
  • Selectable termination resistors and echo mode
  • Designed for more than 32 bus participants

CDROM with software and special tools
  • Analyzer software, drivers, manuals for Windows and Linux
  • CleverTerm software and extended Lua interpreter for use with ISO485
Two MSB-RS485 connection kits
  • 4x 6-pin Phoenix screw connectors and special screw driver
  • 9pin DSub jack with housing for soldering connection to external buses
  • 8x bus termination resistors 120 Ω and 8x short wires
Plastic case
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