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All necessary RS422/485 tools in one case:
MSB-RS485-PLUS and accessories.

All necessary RS422/485 tools in one easy to handle case, including:
MSB-RS485-PLUS Analyzer, USB cable, isolated USB to RS485 converter to submit data, 4x Phoenix screw connectors with screw driver, 8x terminal resistors 120 Ohm and short wires
Don't miss anything when you are going to analyse RS422/485 connections!
All necessary tools in a small case and with a special price!
  • MSB-RS485-PLUS serial analyzer set
  • Isolated USB to RS422/485 converter  ISO485-BOX
  • CDROM with software

The perfect tool collection when analyzing RS422/485 field-bus applications.

Simulating telegrams or sending data sequences with the help of the USB to RS422/485 converter and the enclosed CleverTerm field-bus terminal program.
Validating the correctness of requests or responses with the MSB-RS485 analyzer and detecting possible sources of errors.

MSB-RS485-PLUS Analyzer
The sophisticated MSB-RS485 analyzer not only samples all data, signals
and bus-states of two half-duplex or one full-duplex connections with
microsecond precision. With the help of its unique segment mode it can
also act as an interface between two bus sections and detects the
telegram sender or direction independent of the protocol

ISO485-BOX Converter
The ISO485-Box converter is equally appropriate for RS485 and RS422 bus
systems and provides high protection by its isolating features.
Working on a RS485 bi-directional bus system the converter activates the
bus when sending data and releases it again afterwards. This is handled
completely transparent and automatic by the converter.

Package content

  • 1 x Practical storage case

  • 1 x MSB-RS485-PLUS analyzer

  • 1 x Standard USB cable to connect analyzer with PC

  • 1 x USB to RS422/485 converter ISO485-Box

  • 1 x Standard USB cable to connect ISO485-Box with PC

  • 4 x 6-pin Phoenix screw connectors

  • 1 x Suitable screw driver

  • 1 x CDROM with Software (Windows + Linux), 300-page manual (PDF), drivers and additional tools

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