ISO232 Interface isolée RS232

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Convertisseur USB -RS 232 Isolé

ISO232 Interface isolée RS232
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  • High isolating strength
  • Data rates above 460800 Baud
  • Active outputs by energy transfer
  • Supports non-standard baudrates
  • 3 lights : USB active, RX, RX
  • Supports Windows and Linux
  • Made in Germany, 3 years warranty
Solid and safe with isolation
Fastest isolating RS232 converter with active outputs and a data rate above 460800 Baud.
High isolating strength for safe connection of potential shifted devices.
Active RS232 outputs by integrated energy transfer.
No additional power supply necessary, no ground loops throughexternal supplies.
Special features
Direct control of the data stream with 3 LED indicators,
easy check for correct connection and activation:
green: RxD, yellow: TxD, blue: USB activation
Unusal baudrates: New FTDI chip generation allows also the
adjustment of non standard baudrates.
Bigbang Mode: Parallel read/write of the signal lines like an IO
port (2 inputs, 2 outputs).
Technical data
Data rates Standard baudrates 300 to 460800 Baud, unusual baudrates via 'aliasing' and
programmable divisor (e.g. operate at 512kBaud by selecting 115200 Baud in your program application).
Possible non-standard rates are calculated as:
3000000 / (n + ( 0.125 * m ) )
where n = 2...16384, m = 0...7.
 High isolating strength 2.5kV rms 1 min,420V pk working voltage.
Supports RTS/CTS (handled in hardware to ensure fast response times), feed back of the signals DTR/DSR
in input and output for simulation of DTR/DSR protocol reaction.
Provides 7 or 8 Data Bits, 1 or 2 Stop Bits and Odd/Even/Mark/Space/No Parity.
RS232 lines
TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS with active ±12mA output, ±15kV ESD. Supports the RS232 break command.
FTDI FT232RL: Additional functions for high transmission safety, internal data buffer of 384 bytes in both
directions. Direct controlling of the RS232 lines possible (bit bang mode).
Supported OS
Windows: Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 (Microsoft certified driver).
Linux: Kernel 2.4.x or higher, needed driver (ftdi_sio module) is part of all newer kernels.
USB: USB Cable about 1 m length with PC compatible type A connection jack and integrated inductance.
RS232: Standard RS232 DSub9 Male Connector with undetachable UNC screw nuts (full PC compatible).
Driver Access
Clean working software with generation of virtual com-ports and/or USB direct drivers for own applications.
Windows: Accessing via COMx, Linux: Device access via /dev/ttyUSBx
USB compatiblity
Compatible to USB 1.1/2.0. Absolutely functionable with all USB-Interfaces USB compatiblity of old and new PCs.
Scope of delivery
USB to RS232 Converter Cable (1m),
CDROM with drivers (Windows),
installation manual and documentation for direct access (Bitbang Mode) as PDF file.
Terminalprogram software wxTerminal.
Case without cable [mm]: 36 x 17 x 63 (Width, Height, Length). Minimal cable seat: 18mm

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 ISO232 datasheet

Logiciels Utilitaires gratuits pour le test de ports série:
- CleverTerm : terminal intelligent supportant des macros de communication
- Luactb : Interpréteur de scripts Lua intégrant la gestion des ports série
- One  ISO232 interface
- CD-ROM with Drivers and Documentation
Compatibilité logicielle:

- Tous logiciels de terminaux : TeraTerm, Putty etc.

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89€ HT

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