ISO485 Interface isolée RS422/485

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Convertisseur USB - RS422/485 Isolé

ISO485 Interface isolée RS422/485
Avis des clients
  • High isolation strength
  • Data rate above 460800 Baud
  • A number of externally selectable operating modes
  • Supports non standard baud rates
  • 3 colored functional LEDs
  • Supports Windows and Linux
  • Full PC COM Port compatibility
  • No additional supply necessary
  • Designed for more than 32 participants
  • Automatic send activation
  • Made in Germany, 3 years warranty

Universal and safe
The ISO485 USB to RS485/422 converter comes with a lot of setup possibilities to cover a wide range of bus applications.
All operating modes can be easily selected at the 9 pin connection jack without opening the housing.
By its high isolating capability it is usable in critical environments  with potential shift and decouples the controlling components from the system bus.
Operating mode externally selectable: RS422/485 Mode, Echo on/off, full/half duplex Bus, termination resistors of the send and receive lines can be activated independently.
Direct control of the data stream with 3 LEDs, easy check for correct connection and driver activation (USB). green: RXD, yellow: TXD, blue: USB activation.
Any baud rate: Latest FTDI chip generation allows the use of non
standard baud rates.
Bus-System and operating modes
The ISO485 converter is equally appropriate for RS485 and RS422 bus systems. RS422 connections are normally implemented as full duplex point to point connections or multi drop networks where only
one sender is allowed on the bus. This sender is always active. RS485 is designed as a bi-directional bus system with up to 32 participants. Data can be transferred through one line pair (2-wire) or in a full duplex variant with separated line pairs (4-wire).
Since multiple RS485 devices can send on a common line the output send drivers must be activated only while sending. The activation is done automatically and completely transparent by the converter. The selection of the bus system and the used wiring is made at the connector pins.
Termination resistors
Both systems, RS422 as well as RS485, require a termination of the bus lines at both ends of a bus segment. The ISO485 converter has two termination resistors available which can be activated
independently for sender (TS) and receiver (TR), depending on the selected wiring and location within the bus segment.
Serial supplementary signals
By using a USB to RS232/485 converter chip RS232 signals are lso available. They do not have effect externally to the RS422/RS485 bus. The converter uses these signals to read in status information and to simulate protocols. By a direct feed back of RTS/ CTS and DTR/DSR all RS232 software which need a hardware
protocol can be used.
Driver installation
The ISO485 converter comes with driver licensed by Microsoft.
Simply insert the CD-ROM. Select the product and click onto
'install driver - ready!
.Current Linux systems already contain the driver as a kernel module.
The access is done via a virtual COM port, e.g. COMx (Windows) or /dev/tyUSBx (Linux).
Including free terminal program wxTerminal
wxTerm is a free terminal program for the serial communication and provides everything you need for a first contact to a bus device connected through the ISO485
wxTerm supports all baud rates in the range from 300 up to 921600 baud, even non-standardized. It also offers an automatic checksum generation for Modbus ASCII and RTU. It is free and available for Windows and Linux.
The current version can be found at

Data rates Standard baud rates 300 to 460800 Baud, unusual baud rates via 'aliasing' and programable divisor (e.g. operate at 512 kBaud by selecting 115200 Baud in your program application).
Possible non-standard rates are calculated as: 3000000 / (n + ( 0.125 * m ) ) where n = 2...16384, m = 0...7.
 High isolating strength 2.5kV rms 1 min, 420V pk working voltage.
Feed back of the signals RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR in input and output for protocol simulation
Provides 5, 6, 7 or 8 Data Bits, 1 or 2 Stop Bits and Odd/Even/Mark/Space/No Parity.
RS422/485 Signals
TxD, RxD according to the RS485 Standard, ±15kV ESD.
FTDI FT232RL: Additional functions for high transmission safety, internal data buffer 384 bytes in both Directions
Driver Access
Clean working software with generation of virtual com-ports and/or USB direct drivers for own applications.
Windows: Accessing via COMx, Linux: Device access via /dev/ttyUSBx.
Supported OS
Microsoft Windows: Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 (Microsoft certified driver).
Linux: Kernel 2.4.x or higher, needed driver (ftdi_sio module) is part of all newer kernels.
USB: USB cable about 1m length with PC compatible type A connection jack and integrated inductance.
RS422/485: Standard DSub9 Male Connector with undetachable UNC screw nuts.
USB compatibility Compatible to USB 1.1/2.0. Absolutely functionable with all USB-Interfaces of old and new PCs.
Scope of delivery
USB to RS422/485 Converter Cable (1m), 9 pin DSub jack with housing for soldering connection of the external
bus systems, wire jumpers to select the operating modes. CDROM with drivers (Windows),
Terminal program software wxTerminal.
Case without cable [mm]: 36 x 17 x 63 (Width, Height, Length). Minimal cable seat: 18mm
Télechargements :

ISO485 Datasheet

Logiciels Utilitaires gratuits pour le test de ports série:
- CleverTerm : terminal intelligent supportant des macros de communication
- Luactb : Interpréteur de scripts Lua intégrant la gestion des ports série
-one ISO485
-CD-ROM with drivers and Documentation
Compatibilité logicielle:

- Tous logiciels de terminaux : TeraTerm, Putty etc.

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