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Option Jonction éclatée programmable pour MSB-RS232
avec injection de données

La Jonction Eclatée, Programmable, en Plus Puissant 
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 Virtual Breakout Box allowing to:
  • Reroute lines
  • Invert signal
  • Inject data
  • Intercept data
  • Dataprobe of any line
        for MSB-RS232 only
  The switch option of the MSB-RS232 extents the capabilities of the analyzer by the feature to interactively change single lines.
 You can switch between different levels, including switching the lines off. You can also feed data into the receive and send lines and you can reroute lines.  
Imagine the switch option as a kind of patch panel between the inputs and outputs of port A and B (similar like a breakout box).
On this you can place switches, inverters and further elements and wire them to the connectors of both ports.  
But with the difference, that you do not use real wires and switches. You only place and connect them virtually on a drawing area.


More than a breakout box…
Additional to switch and reroute lines there are a lot of benefits, a normal breakout box cannot provide.
Line inverting: Inverter elements allow the purposeful negation of each data/signal line.
Data injection : Input any desired data sequences, also binaries.
Simulate Transmission errors : Send data together with a framing or parity error.
Data probe of any line: Free selection of lines, which are interpreted as data transmission signal.

More than a breakout box
The Switch option is a software feature that is enabled in the MSB-RS232 software to allow control of the signals between the two serial ports of the MSB-RS232 serial analyzer.  The MSB-RS232 is an RS232 analyzer that is inserted into a RS232 communication link ( “Computer” and “Terminal” connect a to a separate port of the MSB-RS232 allowing a better control )

The software proposes a graphical interface to route and dispatch the various signals.

The schematic editor is divided into three areas to allow easy working. The half
toned part is your drawing area where you place and connect the switching
elements and Inputs and Outputs. on the left side you will find select list of the
switching elements. To add an element you simply have to click on it.

Licence Key delivered by email/fax

If you want to use the option you hav to buy a license. It is enabled by
entering an option key. The key is unique for every analyzer. For enabling you
need the serial number and the old key. You can find both in the menu of the
control program under Opions!Purchase a option.
The new license key is sent by email or fax. The switch option is enabled as
soon as you as you enter the key under: Options!Register an option. Under
Options!Show installed options you can check the successful register.

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