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Interface USB Isolée Haute Tension
Certifiée selon EN60601-1:2007 
avec cables USB

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Unique high 6 kV isolation for data and energy together with an unbeatable high working range 

Protection and Safety for humans, devices and PC

The USB Isolator is used to disconnect the electric potential of any USB device from PC or hub. It is the professional tool for avoiding and fighting ground loops, equalizing currents and for protection against overvoltages, or electric hazard.
Its extra isolation voltage together with the certification according to EN60601-1:2007, encapsulated in an extra protective housing ensure safety even in medical and other safety critical applications.

Isolator Technology

 State of the art gate array technology stands for reliable data transmission control. The sophisticated technical design brings safety and protection to you and your applications.

 By the certification according to EN60601-1:2007 a maximum of security is guaranteed, especially in medical applications.

With energy transfer

 No decreasing of the isolation through additional power supplies on the secondary side.

 Driving USB devices with up to 500 mA, mostly directly from the primary USB port without auxiliary power supply.

Overload Protection

 Don't worry if something is going wrong. On overload the secondary USB voltage is switched off due to security reasons.

Compact design

 Isolation housing in extra stable and compact design, dimensions only 100x50x25mm.

Led indicators

 Two tri-color LED show the current state of the USB connection for the primary and secondary side.


 Isolation strength6000Vdc 1sec.; 4000Vdc 1min.; Tested 6000Vdc 1min,: 500Vac working range.
 Transient protectionIntegrated protection diodes with approval ±BkV IEC 61000-4-2.
 Energy transmissionPrimary to secondary 3W, more than 75o/o efficiency.
 Output currentMore than 500mA with auxiliary supply, ab.300mA with supply from primary USB connector.
 Auxiliary voltage7 to 18V, about. 4W, stabilized DC, optional.
 Overload protectionSwitch-off of the secondary USB voltage on thermaloverload.
 TransmissionFully transparent and invisible, signaldelay< SOns, capacity< 50pF.
 Enviroment0-40°C (32-100°F),20-90% humidity, non-condensing.
 Storage Environment-40 to +70°C, 10 to 100% humidity,500 to 1060 hPa pressure.
 ConnectorsUSB-Prim:Jack Type B, USB-Sec: Jack Type A.Aux supply: Jack for standard 5.5'"'2.1•s.5mm, center +
 CertificationAccording to EN60601-1:2007,CE and FCC standards fulfilled, USB certified Gold Tree lnteroperability
 Dimension100mm x 50mm x 30mm (Length, width,height).Weight ca. 100g

lt; 50pF.
Scope of delivery :
Isolator,USB cable 2m with A and B plug connector,
Aux. supply not included since normally not needed

Please pay attention to the following hints! Especially in critical and sensitive application fields like the medicaltechnology some applications requirements have to be followed!

High voltages may be attached!
It is the responsibility of the user to take care for a sufficient insulation and protection against contact of the floating system components!

Warning hints
According to its task the isolator splits by its complete isolation one electric circuit with a common ground line into two circuits with a floating voltage relationship.
If no method is implemented to prevent drifting voltage ranges from each other, i.e. by a common earthing,large floating voltage differences between primary and secondary side can occur.These can lead to serious danger when not isolated parts of the circuits are touched.
If no voltage equalization can be done by earthing or must not be done in the specialapplication,care must be taken that the permanent potentialdifference between both sides does not exceed the working range of the isolator,specified in the technical data.

Basic rules for this device
The requirements of professionaldevices are so that a usage in the living range or a connection to the public supply is allowed. In medical field the device may be used in practice and hospital even outside of shielded locations.
The device does not have a live-supporting function.
The device generates high frequency.Medical electronic devices are subject to specialprecautionary measuring in particular regarding the EMC with the installation and operation. Portable and mobile HF-communications devices such as mobile phones can affect medicalelectricaldevices.
The connections between PC and isolator and between the isolator and the end device with cables of more than 3m length is not certified for critical applications.
If an additionalpower supply must be used for end devices with more than 300mA drawn from USB,only the appropriate tested and certified power supply IFTOOLS-PSM0908 with ferrite filter may be used to keep the EMC class B.

Insertion into the USB connection
The isolator is inserted completely transparent into the existing connection between PC and end device.
Using the included USB cable the PC is connected to the blue marked jack of the isolator {primary side}.
If the isolator is used without auxiliary power supply no cable with more than 2m length should be used to avoid malfunction due to voltage loss on the primary cable.
The original cable of the end device is inserted into the red marked jack of the isolator {secondary side}.
When the connection is correctly established the communica­ tion must start after a few seconds.Both LEDs have to light green.
If the LEDs turn off again an auxiliary power supply has to be used.Please regard the correct voltage range and polarity.
Appropiate power supplies are available from IFTOOLS.
The sequence of connection and the sequence of power up of PC and device is arbitrarily.

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